We reduce printing cost!

If you would like to use the third party ink for the following printers,

we have got the solution for it.

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HP Scitex FB500, FB700, FB950

Colorspan 9840uv is now HP-Scitex FB910

Colorspan 72uvr, uvx, 98uvx

OCE cs 7070, 7075, 7100

ColorSpan 5440uv is now HP Designjet H35100

ColorSpan 5460uv is now HP Designjet H35500

ColorSpan 5445uv is now HP Designjet H45100

ColorSpan 5465uv is now HP Designjet H45500

Colorspan 72si, 72sx, 98si, 98sx

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After-market third-party latex ink for UV-curable printers eg. HP Scitex FB Series, fb500, fb700, fb950, Colorspan, 9840uv, 5440uv, 5460uv , 5445uv , 5465uv , 72uvr, uvx, 98uvx, 72si, 72sx, 98si, 98sx, OCE cs 7070, 7075, 7100, HP Designjet H Series, H35100, H35500, H45100, H45500.

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